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For many, permanent makeup has proven to be an effective method for improving their appearance. The team at the SKINMEDISPA in Northfield, Illinois, have extensive experience applying permanent makeup and helping you look your very best. To learn more about how permanent makeup can help you achieve your beauty goals, call or book your appointment online today.

Permanent Makeup Q & A

What is permanent makeup?

Chances are, you use conventional makeup to accentuate your facial features, creating contour and highlighting your eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, and lips. Conventional makeup consumes a lot of time to apply due to its temporary nature. 

Permanent makeup offers a longer-lasting solution to achieve the same dramatic results, helping you save time while looking and feeling your best. 

Permanent makeup, also often called cosmetic tattooing, is a method for carefully applying tattoos that resemble makeup to highlight certain facial features and improve the color and appearance of your skin, lips, eyelids, and more. 

As its name implies, you do not remove permanent makeup at the end of each day as with conventional makeup. It is a long-lasting beauty solution that helps you look and feel your best day after day. 

Microblading, also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, micro-stroking, feather touch, and hair-like strokes, is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigment.

What is permanent makeup used for?

You can use permanent makeup for the same things that you would use conventional makeup for. For those that would like to have dark, full eyebrows, microblading is an option. 

The team at the SKINMEDISPA also uses lip tattoos to create definition in the lip line and reduce lipstick bleed. Colored lip tattoos replace lipstick altogether, while eyeliner tattoos eliminate the need to apply eyeliner for years. 

If you have questions regarding permanent makeup and if it can help you, speak to the team at the SKINMEDISPA to learn your options. 

What can I expect at my appointment?

Generally, permanent makeup can be applied with one initial application and then a follow-up appointment four weeks later. Each appointment usually takes between one and two hours, depending on what type of permanent makeup is being applied. 

Permanent makeup is very long-lasting, with a refresher appointment usually necessary between 3-10 years. The application is generally tolerated very well.

There will be slight swelling and redness in the area treated that will typically subside within a day. For microblading, you will need to protect your eyebrows from contact with water for the first week. You should also avoid direct sunlight, wearing make-up, and contact lenses for a couple days; also, avoid exposure to chlorinated or salt water for 3 weeks post-procedure.

The team at the SKINMEDISPA works with you throughout the process to ensure the results that you desire. 

To learn more about permanent makeup and how it can help to improve your appearance, call the office or book online today.